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DAYTONA BEACH, is one of our favorite Florida vacation spots. It was the first trip Dave and I ever made together in college

DAYTONA BEACH, is one of our favorite Florida vacation spots. It was the first trip Dave and I ever made together in college, and we’ve returned several times to savor its 23 miles of white sand along the Atlantic Ocean. 온라인카지노

However, there are numerous fantastic things available away from the shore that will make for an unforgettable Florida vacation. So, based on our frequent road trips to Florida over the last two decades, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite things to do in Daytona Beach, both on and off the beach. Let’s get this party started.

There’s no doubt that Daytona Beach’s world-famous shore contributes to its popularity, but there’s also plenty to do off the beach. We’ve been to Daytona several times since the 1990s, and wow, has it changed.

If you’re planning a road trip to Florida, this is a terrific area to stay for at least a few days while basking in the warm Florida sun. Daytona Beach is an excellent starting point. We’ve even gone to Disney during our Daytona Beach vacations because Orlando is only an hour away.

International Speedway of Daytona

If you visit Daytona Beach and are a race car lover, you should participate in the Richard Petty Driving

Experience, where you can either ride along as a passenger or drive yourself around the world-famous Daytona 500 track. It’s a must-do in Daytona Beach.

There is also a Speedway Tour that allows you to ride the track. The Daytona International Speedway tour was enjoyable and entertaining for the price.

If you want to get away from the beach for a time, this is an excellent option. It’s also ideal for families.

One father even carried his infant around with him on the trip, proving that it is suitable for people of all ages!

Check out our list of the Top 4 Motorsport Experiences (hint it includes the Daytona International Speedway)

Lighthouse Museum at Ponce de Leon Inlet

The Ponce de Leon Lighthouse is located on the Ponce Inlet, about 20 minutes south of Daytona Beach. Visit this antique lighthouse by taking a lovely journey.

When you visit the state’s tallest lighthouse (and the country’s second tallest lighthouse) at 175 feet

You can go back in time and discover what life was like for the lighthouse keepers and their families.

Before exploring the grounds, watch the 20-minute film about the lighthouse’s history.

You’ll see the lighthouse keeper’s quarters as well as the house of the assistant lighthouse keeper.

The buildings are decorated with maps, uniforms, and antiques. The main draw is the ability to climb the 203 steps to the top of the lighthouse for a bird’s eye view of the area.

Visit the National Historic Landmark Lighthouse. for additional information

Stairs leading to the top of Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

I definitely recommend going at sunset if you visit the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse.

Allow enough time to climb to the top of the lighthouse and wear strong shoes. People wearing flip flops or high heels are not permitted.

Admission is $6.95 for adults and $1.95 for children aged 2 to 11.

The Lighthouse is open from 10 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Admission is free till 8 p.m.

It is approximately a 20-minute drive from Daytona Beach.

Wear appropriate footwear for climbing the lighthouse. The incline is severe, and the railings are low.

For further information, go to the website.

Marine Science Center

You can spend the afternoon in this area of Daytona by visiting the Marine Science Center, which rescues sea turtles and has an emergency ICU for injured marine creatures.

They have a sea turtle and seabird rehabilitation center. Over 18,000 birds have been rescued and healed at the Mary Keller Seabird Rehabilitation Sanctuary. 카지노사이트

This is a fantastic location to learn about conservation and environmental concerns.

You can also spend time on the beach and enjoy the jetty. It’s another great site for photos.

Main Street Pier, often known as the Daytona Beach Pier

The Daytona Beach Pier is a 1000-foot-long monument that has stood since 1925.

It’s entertaining to wander out and witness the fishermen at work on their daily catch. It also provides stunning views of the beach

Making it one of Daytona Beach’s most popular attractions. Check out the 18 Best Beaches in Florida for Summer Fun.

Daytona Beach Pier, also known as Main Street Pier

The Daytona Beach Pier has stood since 1925 and is a 1000-foot-long memorial. It’s fun to go out and watch the fishermen at work on their daily catch.

It also offers amazing beach views, making it one of Daytona Beach’s most popular attractions. Check out the 18 Best Florida Beaches for Summer Fun.

The Boardwalk at Daytona Beach

The Daytona Beach Boardwalk is a family-friendly entertainment area that is one of the major attractions in Daytona Beach.

I felt as if I had stepped back in time and was immediately taken to a recollection of when I walked to the pier with my dad and rode the go-carts.

It’s nostalgic and enjoyable to revisit. The Ocean Walk Shoppes have souvenir shops selling every beach thing you can think of.

There are classic arcade games and, of course, amusement park rides.

Sandblaster Roller Coaster, arcades, Zeno’s Boardwalk Sweet Shop, historic Bandshell, and racing aficionados will enjoy reading

The monuments honoring previous racing on the beach are just a few of the features.

Yes, they raced on Daytona Beach!

Visit The Beach

Yes, we claimed there is more to do in Daytona Beach than simply the beach, but come on, it is the STAR attraction!

Our favorite thing to do in Daytona is speak the beach, which is 23 miles long.

Hotels border the white beach, and you may stop in for a bite or a cocktail while taking in the scenery.

This is a beautiful strolling beach, but keep a watch out for automobiles;

You can drive in select areas of Daytona Beach for $20 per day per vehicle.

Manatees on a Paddleboard

When living at a beach, you must get out on the water, and one of our favorite water sports is paddle boarding (SUP).

Manatees and dolphins frequent these waterways, and SUP is a non-intrusive way to enjoy them.

Book a tour and head out in search of wildlife in the quiet waters of the Halifax River.


Daytona Beach also has surfing, with plenty of locations to learn. Its sandy break and gentle waves are ideal for learning to surf. 카지노 블로그

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